Neighbourhood Watch

“I love my home, and I’m totally happy where I live. I have no plans on moving right now. Although, whenever I drive by a new FOR SALE sign in my neighbourhood, I’m always curious to know what they’re asking, and when it sells, I like to know what it Sold for”.

If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

When you sign up for the neighbourhood watch service, whenever a house comes up for sale within your neighbourhood, you will receive an automated email containing the MLS listing, including the asking price, photos, and more. And it’s instant. You can open it from anywhere you normally receive email including your iPhone or Blackberry.

Sound good? It gets better.

You will also receive an email every two weeks containing the full MLS listings, including the SOLD price, the closing date, and more for properties that Sold in your neighbourhood! You’ll always be the one in your neighbourhood that is ‘in the know’